Resources for Home Buyers

Information is key to making any decision, particularly with the biggest decision: buying a home. Below you’ll find a list of websites I find useful for providing information to buyers I work with in Tallahassee.

City Utility Bills – use this link to find out the utility expenses for a particular home in Tallahassee.

Leon County Property Appraiser – this site is chock full of useful information. For a particular address, you can see tax payments, estimate Homestead Exemption, sketches of buildings on the property, building permits, and more.

Flood Zone Designations – FEMA website with flood zone designations and descriptions. You can use the Leon County Property Appraisers website (use the Property Info Sheet) to find the flood zone designation of the property and cross check it with FEMA.

Flood Insurance Information – official website for the National Flood Insurance Program.

HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies – Tallahassee agencies approved by HUD to help homeowners understand options when they’re having trouble making their mortgage payments. For additional information, click here.

FHA Approved Condos – HUD website with FHA approved condos

Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Rates – useful tool for viewing current rates and calculating mortgage payments including principal, interest, taxes, and insurance.

Leon County Schools – portal for school grades, calenders, bus routes and more!

Tallahassee Police Statistics – when you’re thinking of buying in a certain neighborhood, check out the police activity there first.

Tallahassee Democrat Open Houses – list of upcoming open houses advertised in Tallahassee Democrat.

WCTV Open Houses – list of upcoming open houses advertised on WCTV website.

Sexual Offenders and Predators – check for sexual predators, if any, near your home.

Radon Information – if you’re buying a home, you need to have a radon test done.