Open Houses

An open house is a tool real estate agents use to market a home to buyers. An agent may open a house for anywhere from a couple hours to an entire day. Home shoppers, neighbors and passers-by will all visit the home when they see the “Open House” sign in the front yard or on the internet.

Homes need to be properly prepared before an open house. The sellers should remove clutter from inside and outside the home. They should clean and deodorize all the rooms. Window treatments should be opened and all the lights turned on to illuminate the home. Pets should be put away and the occupants should leave for the duration of the open house.

Open houses are most effective when done as part of a larger effort. In Southwood, there is at least one neighborhood-wide open house day a year. This generates a tremendous amount of traffic to all the homes involved, moreso than each home could generate on its own. Open houses should also be advertised through the newspaper, local internet sites, and especially with signage at the home and the nearest busy cross street.

Homeowners should know the odds are not good a home will be sold at an open house. It is not advisable or practical to hold an open house every week; once a month is more than adequate. Even so, open houses should be part of a broader marketing plan laid out by your real estate agent.