What is a Termite Bond?

Termite infestations can happen at anytime and they’re not always readily visible. The best way to avoid having issues with termites is to buy a termite bond.

Consider a termite bond before these guys make an appearance.

A termite bond is a service contact between a home owner and a pest management company. Bonds are like termite insurance: for a small annual payment, the pest management company will cover extermination costs for as long as you own your home. It’s also possible to get additional coverage that pays for damages created by an infestation. As part of the annual policy renewal, the pest management company will reinspect the home for termites. Some companies may also do a proactive “perimeter application” of pesticide as part of their annual inspection.┬áThe vast majority of homes under termite bonds end up being treated before termites become an issue.

Before a bond can be issued, most companies will require that the home be treated for termites. Some companies may not issue a bond until a home has been infested with termites. Make sure to check the fine print of termite bonds and always shop around for the best deals.