Wind Mitigation Inspection

As anyone who lives in Florida already knows, insurance companies aren’t exactly eager to insure our homes. The common¬†occurrence¬†of extreme weather, including hurricanes, has been cause for many insurers to leave the state altogether. To get the best rate possible from one of the remaining insurers, you should consider having a Wind Mitigation Inspection, or Windstorm Inspection, done on your home.

The most expensive and common home insurance claims involve roofs. To get the lowest rates on an insurance policy, a homeowner may need to show that their home, and particularly their roof, is built to withstand extreme weather. Roof deck thickness, deck and shingle nailing pattern, the presence of roof to wall attachments (toe nails, clips or hurricane straps), and the presence of a secondary water resistance barrier are all construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in hurricanes. You can find a completed wind mitigation inspection here.

A wind mitigation inspection in Tallahassee costs between $100-$150, but the cost savings can be up to 45% off the original policy’s premium. To find out if your home may benefit from a wind mitigation inspection, contact your home insurance agent.


To view a completed wind mitigation inspection, click here.