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Have a home with a pool? Sell it in the summer!

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It should come as no surprise that a pool is more valuable in the summer than in the winter, but just how much more? Jaren Pope, an assistant professor at the University of Brigham Young has the answer. His research looked at more than four million real estate transactions in 27 states from 1998 thru 2008. When a swimming-pool home went under contract in August, it sold for an average of 0.22% higher than the baseline home sale. If the home went under contract in January, it sold for 0.15% less than the baseline. For a $300,000 home sale, that’s a difference of $1100. If a seller has the flexibility, selling a home with a pool should start in the spring so that the sale coincides with the hot summer months.


Source: Wall Street Journal (03/15/13) P. M12; Tanaka, Sanette

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Interesting facts about Florida home buyers and sellers

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Several weeks ago, Florida Realtors released a report profiling home buyers and sellers in the state. The following is a summary of key points from that report:






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