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Building a Home: Builder Consultation

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To this point, we’ve got a contract on a vacant lot but no idea what our home is going to look like. What’s more, we only have 6o days to get our building plans together and secure financing, or we lose the lot and our deposit. We scheduled a meeting with one of the builders that had been recommended to us.

Putting ideas on paper with the builder.

We met Daron at the Starbucks on Killearn Center Boulevard. After some small talk, Daron began to ask us questions. What size of home were we considering? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Attached or detached garage? He came with sets of his own floorplans and showed us some possibilities. The one thing that struck Sara and I was how Daron could take our random musings and actually put them on paper. Whatever we came up with in regards to design, he had seen 100 variations of it.

After an hour of discussion, Daron felt he had enough to get some designs started. He didn’t ask us to sign anything or to make a decision to go with him right there. Just that if we didn’t go with him, we would pay his designer for the house plans (which you can expect to do anyway if you’re going to design a home). “Fair enough” we said.

If you’re not tied to a builder (i.e. a builder doesn’t own the land you’re going to build on), make sure you interview at least two. We had two highly recommended, very knowledgeable builders to chose from.

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