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Building a Home: Permits

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Before anything can be done to the home site, the builder has to apply for certain permits. The first is the environmental permit. This will allow the builder to remove trees on the lot that are in or close to the footprint of the home. As I’ve written about before, you can’t remove certain trees without a permit, and trees such as live oaks are expressly forbidden from being taken down.

The other permit is a residential building permit. This informs the city or other governing body of your intentions for building. Builders must submit construction plans, wind analysis, and soil tests among other requirements. Building officials or engineers will review the documents to make sure they meet the local government’s building codes before they’ll issue a permit that allows the builder to begin construction.

This may all sound a little uneccessary when you’re dealing with a reputable builder. But remember, any hack can apply for and get a contractors license. Only well designed and qualified plans can get through code enforcement.


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