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Building a Home: Staking the Foundation

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The location of physical structures relative to the lot boundary lines are very important. Buildings must be “set back” a certain number of feet from lot lines, city streets, etc. (here are the setbacks¬†for the zoning district we’re in). There must be a minimum of 7.5 feet between the side of our house and the lot line and a minimum of 15 feet to the front and back lot lines.

Stakes marking the lot boundaries as well as the building corners. The boss gives her approval.

As our builder was waiting for the permits to be issued, he had the building foundations and lot lines surveyed and staked out. Surveys are accurate to a very high degree, as they should be.¬†Before each phase of construction is signed off by the city building inspector, they will actually come out and make sure the work was done according to what was approved during planning. If the home foundation is several feet off, it may need to be torn up and repoured! Therefore, it’s critical to make sure everything is positioned correctly. Once the building permit is approved, the foundation crew will use the stakes to guide them in putting up forms for the foundation.

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