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St. Marks Trail

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St Marks Trail

A Saturday morning run on St. Marks Trail.

St. Marks Trail is a 20.5 mile paved trail used primarily for biking, walking, running and rollerblading. It runs between downtown Tallahassee and the community of St. Marks. To enjoy the most scenic part of the trail, there’s a parking lot near Capital Circle on Woodville Highway with water fountains, bathrooms and a picnic area. From there, you can run or bike south on the trail for nearly 15 miles in a more wooded, rural setting.

St. Marks Trail sees quite a bit of activity. It’s common that the parking lot on Woodville Highway will be full on cool, sunny days. The Tallahasse Marathon runs along the trail almost exclusively, starting downtown and running just south of Woodville before coming back (“out and back” course). If you’re a runner and in Tallahassee on Christmas Eve, you can’t miss the Run To Posey’s. People start at various points along the trail, with the finish line being the Riverside Cafe on St. Marks (Posey’s was the restaurant finish line when the run started over 30 years ago and the name stuck).

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