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Building a Home – Roof

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Though I wasn’t there to see it, I think the shingles were put up on the roof mechanically. Otherwise, it’s safe to say someone has a worse job than you.

About the same time the house was being painted, roofers were scurrying around trying to get shingles on both buildings. The shingles being used on our house are dimensional (a.k.a. architectural) shingles made by Tamko. Unlike traditional three tab shingles in which each of the shingles is evenly spaced, architectural shingles consist of two layers of shingles bonded together with random notches removed to expose the bottom layer. This gives the roof a richer, three-dimensional look. More practically, it offers an additional level of protection (two layers vs. one) to stand up to high winds and hail. Video of tar being applied on top of roof flashing.


Vent guards. They have a “check valve” that prevents air from flowing back in from the outside.

There wasn’t much prep work for the roofers to do. The decking was new as was the underlayment, so all they had to do was put down flashing, vents, and shingles. Flashing redirects water from vertical surfaces, such as vents, back onto the roof where it will eventually find it’s way to the ground. They put flashing along the entire roof edge first. Then they put the first row of shingles down along the bottom edge of the roof and started working their way up. When they encountered a vent, they put a vent guard over it to prevent water from finding it’s way inside the house. Video of first shingles going on roof.


Roofers making their way up the roof. They use sofa cushion to sit on so they don’t slide down the roof.

When the framers put down the roof decking a week earlier, they left a roughly 3″-4″ gap at the ridge to serve as an escape for hot attic air. When the roofers got up to that point, they put down a raised piece of plastic called a ridge vent, which they then overlayed with several pieces of roof shingle for aesthetic purposes. After a couple days, the roof was completely done. Video of shingles and vents going on the roof.

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